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Bob's Story

Disability Advocate

Bob has made a career for himself in the Social and Community Industry!

He started his professional life in the public sector and later made the move into working for non-government organisations.

For the past 12 years, Bob has worked as a Disability Advocate and is one of the very fortunate workers in his industry to qualify for Long Service Leave.

Bob explained that when he first started working with his employer there was greater security because of ongoing funding.

“Alas, times have changed! The certainty of on-going funding is unfortunately no longer guaranteed in our Industry,” said Bob. “I see this all too often as I cross paths with the broad section of Community Service Workers from Legal Centres, Employment Agencies, Disability Support Services, Housing Services and many others.”

However, while there is a lack of security of employment with one employer, many of Bob’s fellow Industry workers don’t always leave the Industry because they are committed to helping those most disadvantaged in our community!

“What I see is fellow industry workers moving from one employer to the next because the funding contact ends. More often than not, I see fellow workers leave the Industry due to fatigue and burnout,” Bob pointed out.

It’s grossly unfair that their Long Service Leave accumulated entitlement is not preserved like Superannuation; which moves with them from one job to the next.”

“I see workers in the Government Sector move from one Department to another with all their entitlements including preserved Long Service Leave.”

“I absolutely believe that Portable Long Service Leave is an opportunity to demonstrate the work performed by workers in our Industry is valued!”

“I also believe that whether you work in the government or non-government sector we should all be treated equally on the issue of Long Service Leave.”

“This entitlement will provide an incentive for new workers to stay in the Industry and carve out a career like I and many of my fellow workers have.”

“I’m not taking a back seat because I already have Long Service Leave, I’ve registered on the website to get Portable Long Service Leave – portable!”

“I believe this real change will happen but only if we collectively get together and have a strong voice the Queensland Government will listen to,” Bob said.

“It’s time for you to register too.”

If you are a worker, who understands that moving from one job to another means starting from scratch when it comes to long service leave accrual and you want that to change – then now is the time to join The Services Union and our Campaign to make Long Service Leave portable!

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