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Rosemary's Story

Manager, Domestic and Family Violence Support Service

Rosemary has been a professional in the Social and Community Industry since the 1970’s and in that time she has worked for more than 12 organisations.

She has worked in a variety of fields that encompass women’s health, drug and alcohol support, HIV/AIDS services and Domestic and Family Violence.

Rosemary is currently a Manager at a frontline Domestic and Family Violence Support Service and she has achieved her 10 years of service there.

She has never had Long Service Leave!

“I’ve worked in the Industry for 30+ years and never had it! I have just survived on short breaks. But at the same time, I never imagined that I would ever get Long Service Leave. It’s been tough and a struggle at times to keep with the Industry” Rosemary explained.

“Staff turnover is pretty consistent in the community sector, including my workplace. A few years ago, when it looked like small organisations would lose funding all the staff left to take up positions with larger organisations and they lost their entitlements.”

“Equally we employ staff who have worked for five years on projects and have to start their count again.”

“I look forward to the day I can take Long Service Leave. I plan to take extended leave on half pay and to do a mixture of travel and playing grandmother.”

“I’m supporting the campaign for Portable Long Service Leave because we lose too many great workers to the government sector for the additional benefits,” Rosemary said.

“We need to offer incentives to young workers to keep our Industry vibrant and for the health and safety of workers mental health and wellbeing.”

If you agree with Rosemary that making Long Service Leave – portable is one of the ways to ensure a sustainable Social and Community Industry – then it’s time to register today!

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